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Below is contact information for district-level administrators and departments as well as building principals. For a search-by-name directory that includes all faculty and staff, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Acting Superintendent of Schools: 
David Sander Phone: (518) 234-4032, ext. 5010 / [email protected] Director of Student Services: Melissa Ausfeld Phone: 518-234-4032, ext. 5018 / [email protected] Director of Teacher and Learning: Scott McDonald Phone: 518-234-4032, ext. 5010 / [email protected] Director of Information Technology David Sander Phone: (518) 234-4032, ext. 5010 / [email protected] Business Manager Tracy Fraleigh Phone: (518) 234-4032, ext. 2008, fax: 234-2846 / [email protected] High School Principal: Brett Barr Phone: 518-234-4032, ext. 1001 / [email protected] High School Assistant Principal: Coriellen Houck Phone: 518-234-4-32, ext. 1000 / [email protected] Middle School Principal: Jeremiah Haslun Phone: 518-234-4032, ext. 2011/ [email protected]  Ryder Elementary Principal: Jessie Westfall Phone: 518-234-4032, ext. 5000 / [email protected]